Pressure DSC 25P

Discovery DSC 25P High Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC 25P – Meeting your needs for Pressure DSC. << View all Differential Scanning Calorimeters  Description Features & Specifications Performance Accessories Software Resources Discovery DSC 25P Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimeter: The DSC 25P is a dedicated Pressure DSC module that provides heat flow measurements on pressure sensitive…

TGA 5500

The TGA 5500 is designed for the researcher that requires the highest level of performance and features in one package. Built to maximize temperature control and minimize drift, the TGA 5500 has less drift than any competitive TGA – even after they use post-test data manipulation! The TA patented IR furnace delivers the fastest heating and cooling rates available. The all new autosampler makes high productivity standard.

TGA 550

The TGA 550 will not only outperform competitive top tier systems, but will also give users the flexibility to add advanced features like Hi-Res TGA, MTGA, DTA signal, and our new 25-position autosampler. The performance, flexibility, and ease-of-use, make this an excellent TGA for research and multi-user laboratories where a wide variety of TGA experiments are conducted, and where future expansion of analytical work is anticipated.

TGA 55

The TGA 55 is specifically designed for those that want rugged, reliable, and cost-effective TGA, and are not willing to accept poor data. Utilizing TA’s proprietary Tru-Mass™ Balance as the core of the system, the TGA 55 will outperform competitive research-grade models. Its sensitivity, accuracy and ease-of-use make this TGA an ideal instrument for basic research, teaching or industrial labs that need quality results.

SDT 650

SDT 650 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer DSC/TGA system that delivers the purest real-time simultaneous heat flow and weight data possible. << View all Thermal Analyzers Description Features Specifications Technology Accessories Software Video Simultaneous DSC-TGA measures both heat flow and weight change in a material as a function of temperature or time in a controlled atmosphere. Simultaneous…

Norman J. Wagner: An Introduction to Colloidal Suspension Rheology

Norman J. Wagner: An Introduction to Colloidal Suspension Rheology Colloidal suspensions are encountered across a broad range of natural phenomena and industrially relevant products and processes. From coatings and inks, to foods and pharmaceuticals, dispersions, sols, gels, and glasses of colloidal particles exhibit a rich rheological behavior. This webinar will present an introductory overview of…

New!! ElectroForce 3310 Test Instrument

Product IntroductionSpecificationsContact Us New!! ElectroForce 3310 Test Instrument Delivering industry leading dynamic performance in versatile 1 kN load frame. The ElectroForce 3310, the newest addition to the TA Instruments ElectroForce load frame family, delivers 1 kN of force capacity with 25 mm of dynamic displacement.  Utilizing our patented, friction-free, electromagnetic linear linear motor, common among…