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Rheology is the study of flow and deformation of materials under the influence of an external force or stress. The combination of stress, strain and shear behavior forms the basis of rheology, the science of the deformation of materials. Rheology measurements are used to ensure successful material processing, optimize product performance, gain insights into complex microstructures and develop novel materials.

Rheometers are high-precision instruments that measure flow and deformation by applying a force to a sample and measuring the resulting stress or strain, allowing for measurement of viscosity and modulus. With a rheometer, viscosity measurements extend far beyond the limits of a traditional viscometer, characterizing non-Newtonian behaviors like shear thinning, thixotropy, and yield stress of complex fluids (emulsions, suspensions, paints, inks, coatings, slurries). Oscillatory rheology measures viscoelasticity (Storage Modulus, Loss Modulus, Tan Delta) of materials ranging from low-viscosity fluids to stiff solids in DMA mode (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis).

The ARES-G2 from TA Instruments | Waters is a premier high-performance rheometer that provides the most accurate rheological data over a wide range of conditions. The ARES-G2 is routinely used in leading R&D labs and manufacturing sites to relate the material chemistry to its processability and end-use properties for a wide variety of materials ranging from proteins to polymers, coatings to composites, and everything in between.

The ARES-G2 accessories are easy to install and use and provide an additional dimension to rheological measurements enabling users to gain detailed insights into a material’s micro-structure and relate it to the end-use properties, helping push boundaries of materials research and development in pure and applied sciences.

ARES-G2 Accessories

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