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A financing solution with Waters Capital allows you to maximize your financial resources and access the technology you need to advance your science. By partnering with Waters Capital you will be able to conserve vital capital, accelerate ROI and avoid technology obsolescence. Financing allows you to bundle the costs of equipment, installation and training into a single payment solution while also improving cash flow.

Financing Options

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One Dollar Buyout

Finance to own option in which the customer owns the equipment for $1.00 at the end of the term. Flexible payment terms from 12 – 60 months are available. Payment options can be customized to match budget cycles.

Fair Market Value Lease

Finance the use of the equipment with options to upgrade, purchase, or return the equipment at the end of the lease term. The FMV option reduces monthly payment expense and allows for equipment upgrade to prevent obsolescence and maintain the latest technology in your laboratory.

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All offers are subject to formal credit approval. Customers are required to sign lease agreement. Waters Capital does not provide legal, tax, or accounting advice. The customer must obtain and rely on such advice from its own accountants, auditors, attorneys, or other professional advisors. Pricing subject to change. Leasing option is currently available only in the USA, Canada and Europe.