The top researchers in chemistry, materials science, and life sciences rely on TA Instruments systems for their cutting-edge research. In our TA Instruments Webinars, we are pleased to bring this work directly to you. Learn from experts in your field as they explain how thermal analysis, rheology, microcalorimetry, and mechanical testing techniques are used to solve today’s most challenging problems. These free webinars are presented live with interactive Q&A, then archived for subsequent viewing and reference. See our collection of previous webinars below and check back often for the latest information and upcoming events.

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Strategies for Rheological Evaluation of Adhesives

This webinar will discuss strategies for comprehensive rheological analysis on different kinds of adhesive materials using rotational rheometers. Specifically, we will cover flow viscosity testing, tack and peel testing, dynamic temperature ramps, and frequency sweep testing for evaluating adhesive performance, as well as creep testing for monitoring adhesive cold flow.

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