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The TAM (Thermal Activity Monitor) from TA Instruments | Waters is a high resolution, real-time method for monitoring chemical, biological, and physical reaction process(es) occurring in a sample. The monitoring of heat flow over time allows for determination of the various reaction processes that may occur in a sample over minutes, hours, days, weeks, or years. Samples can be measured under user defined conditions, to control temperature, atmosphere, as well as sample composition.

The TAM is a modular system that can be adapted by the researcher to tightly control the sample, and sample environment through integration of various accessories. The high precision thermostat provides TAM the capability to precisely set temperature within 100uC over a minimum of 24-hours. TAM has adjustable throughput capability to accommodate up to 48 solid or liquid samples. Depending on configuration, removable samples cells can cover a full range from <1mL to 125mL. Interchangeable accessories allow for RH, liquid and gas perfusion, liquid titration, addition of solids or pastes, dissolution, pressure monitoring, and electric charge.

Researchers can test their materials and products under accelerated, or in situ/in operando conditions. The TAM enables researchers in industry, government, and academia to make decisions on safety, calendar life, formulation stability, storage conditions or their product or material. The TAM has wide applicability for testing batteries and battery materials, energetic material, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, polymers, microbes, agriculture products, and food.

Isothermal Microcalorimeters

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