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TA Instruments | Waters is the world’s leading supplier of High-Pressure Thermogravimetric Analyzers

TA Instruments offers the most comprehensive line of High-Pressure Thermogravimetric Analyzers, equipped with TA’s proprietary Magnetic Suspension Balances. HP-TGA can perform analysis in a wide range of controlled pressures, adding another dimension to the TGA experiment. Pressure dependent TGA provides valuable information about the thermal properties of a material under application relevant conditions.

Two different instrument lines, the DynTHERM TGA and the Discovery HP-TGA, are the ideal tools for scientists who need to accurately weigh their materials in the widest range of temperature and pressure in reactive atmospheres or steam. DynTHERM TGA instruments feature the classical Rubotherm Magnetic Suspension Balance in four different configurations. These are modular high-end research instruments providing industry-leading high weighing capacity and large sample volume. Three Discovery HP-TGA models constitute the world’s first fully integrated benchtop HP-TGA product line. With their small footprint and ease of operation, they are an alternative to standard TGA instruments providing the benefit of controlled pressure. Getting great high-pressure data has never been so easy!

Material Characterization by high-pressure thermogravimetry provides thermal stability data and allows lifetime assessment under application relevant temperature and pressure conditions – using reactive gas atmospheres. Whether the sample is a high-performance polymer, an engine oil, drilling fluid, or a high-performance metal alloy: HP-TGA performs the TGA experiment under that pressure and in the real reactive atmospheres the material is exposed to in its application. Real-world stability and lifetime data measured at application conditions are the only way to avoid expensive material failures and process shutdowns. The productivity of catalytic processes is improved effectively by HP-TGA. The HP-TGA instrument is used as catalytic reactor and the product gas yield and composition is monitored by a connected MS or FTIR analyzer. This allows users to optimize reaction conditions while the continuous monitoring of the catalyst weight allows them to identify unwanted deactivation processes such as coking or oxidation. Effective chemical recycling processes of plastic by pyrolysis and gasification are developed and enhanced with HP-TGA. The optimal temperature and pressure conditions as well as the best composition of reactant gas and catalysts applied to achieve the most economic depolymerization can easily be identified by HP-TGA testing.

High Pressure Thermogravimetric Analyzers

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