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rocket in the sky
High-performance polymers are a critical material for manufacturers due to their combination of mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties, but especially their cost. Without adequate testing, manufacturers could run into a slew of issues, from immediate product failure to poor performance or failure after some time in usage.
Syringe and needle with glass medical ampoule vials for injection. Medicine is dry white drug penicillin powder or liquid with of aqueous solution in ampulla
The method of drug delivery significantly influences the final stages of the manufacturing process. Currently, lyophilization—a widely adopted technique—enables drug developers to stabilize formulations and therapeutic molecules using a validated commercial approach. In this process, precise control of pressure and temperature within a lyophilizer facilitates the removal of liquids from formulations containing thermally sensitive or hydrolytically unstable active pharmaceutical ingredients or formulation components.
Close up of granulated plastic waste on a recycling plant for pl
Against the backdrop of a plastic waste crisis, the global demand for plastic is set to quadruple by 2060. This has driven a shift toward sustainability and away from linear use models of plastic production. Post-consumer resin (PCR) has emerged as a key player in circular economy initiatives, though ensuring the quality and performance of PCR requires several characterization considerations.
Close up of test tubes
As a central pillar of modern society, the pharmaceutical industry bears the load of billions of lives around the world. In 2022, the global revenue of the pharmaceutical industry approximated $1.5 trillion, a figure reflected in two decades of significant growth.
Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) are manufactured through a multistep process combining various active and inactive materials. Material selection and processing conditions can greatly affect the final battery performance.
Cherry pie
I love a good experiment in the kitchen, especially when it involves baking and desserts. In celebration of Pi Day, let’s take science and experiments into the kitchen with pie dough and fillings…and a rheometer.
Vaccine needle​ syringe​ hypodermic​ injection single dose
The progression from formulation development to commercial formulation is dependent on the dose strength, intrinsic stability, and extent of protein self-association in the final drug.1 This is because the drug is reaching the final stage of development.
Candidate selection
Candidate selection is the third phase of the drug development process.1 The main purpose of candidate selection is to continue screening and filtering down to the most promising antibodies, ideally having one or two progress forward.
Black and white football helmets
There is a renewed interest in the durability of protective sports equipment after Patrick Mahomes’ helmet recently cracked apart in -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius) weather. Scientists from TA Instruments ran tests to find out if materials found in protective sports equipment can break due to cold weather.
Electronic circuit board
Printed circuit boards (PCBs) form the backbone of virtually all electronic applications. Enhancing their performance and reliability is paramount for custom PCB projects, where smaller footprints and improved maintainability lead to enhanced functionality.