Stent/Graft Testers (SGT)



Replacement fittings are available for all ElectroForce® stent test instruments.  TA Electroforce offers pre-packaged kits of typically-requested consumable parts for each model SGT system.

Available fittings include:

  • Varying sizes of barb fittings
  • Replacement outer manifold fittings
  • Manifold plugs
  • RTD and heater compression fittings
  • Powerhead O-rings



Pulse and infinite pulse-on-a-bend fixtures for ElectroForce® 9110 SGT systems are used to perform fatigue durability tests on single and overlapped coronary stents.

Key Features

Pulse-on-a-Bend option

  • Fittings adapts to silicone or latex tubing for 2.5 mm to 5.0 mm ID
  • Up to four combinations of tube diameter to centerline bend radii can be utilized
  • Fixture set is adjustable to allow tube radii from 7.5 mm to 20 mm
  • Adapts to straight tubing in most cases

Infinite adjustment option is also available for the 9110 SGT model



TA Electroforce silicone tubes are available to serve as mock arteries for a variety of fatigue durability tests using TA ElectroForce® SGT test systems.

Key Features

• Silicone material for clear viewing

• Compliance certified option available
•  Certified per customers requirements
•  Compliance certificate supplied with tubing
•  Compliance calculated based upon
ASTM F2477 standard

• Custom shapes available upon request

• Inside diameter ranges: 3 mm to 50 mm ID

• Standard tube length is 27 cm; additional length available

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Accessory kits are available for all ElectroForce® BioDynamic® test instruments.  The kits include consumable parts and other accessories commonly used for ongoing experiments.

Key Features

The kits for BioDynamic instruments include the following available fittings and testing accessories;

  • Bellofram seals for the chamber
  • Chamber and platen O-rings
  • Diaphragm seal for the bellows
  • Chamber and flow loop fittings
  • 0.2 µm pore size autoclavable PTFE filter for use with the chamber or the reservoir bottle tubing (25 mm inner diameter)
  • Reservoir bottle with a ported cap with three ports (flow inlet, outlet, and filter port for gas exchange purposes)
  • Other accessories are also available



A TA Electroforce peristaltic pump is available to generate steady flow through ElectroForce®BioDynamic® instruments and chambers.

Key Features

  • For single-chamber, non-pulsatile BioDynamic test system applications
  • Flow rate between 1 ml/min and 280 ml/min
  • Peristaltic pump specific tubing is included
  • Used on most BioDynamic 5110, 5210 test instruments, ElectroForce 3200 and TestBench BioDynamic chambers



For use with the TA ElectroForce multi-chamber BioDynamic® test instruments, this pump provides up to 8 separate flow paths to allow for independent or combined flow loops.

Key Features

  • Computer-controlled pump operation
  • 8 separate flow cartridges
  • Standard flow rate is between 0.36 ml/min to 36 ml/min
  • Extra low flow option provides flow rate from 0.005 ml/min to 0.25 ml/min
  • For use with most multi-chamber, non-pulsatile BioDynamic test instruments



The TA Electroforce gear pump provides a steadier flow output compared to peristaltic pumps and can be used on most ElectroForce® BioDynamic® test instruments with off-axis pulsatile flow.

Key Features

  • Computer-controlled pump operation
  • The gear pump provides steady flow output
  • Pump flow rate ranges from 17 ml/min to 1760 ml/min
  • Gear pumps are suitable for use with TA Electroforce pulsatile motors to create superimposed pulsatile flow
  • Used on most pulsatile ElectroForce BioDynamic test instruments