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Professor João Maia: The Role of Interfacial Elasticity on the Rheological Behavior of Polymer Blends

The Role of Interfacial Elasticity on the Rheological Behavior of Polymer Blends: João Maia, Ph.D. The Role of Interfacial Elasticity on the Rheological Behavior of Polymer Blends Polymer blends are commonly used to generate materials with a desired combination of performance properties and cost. Most polymer blends are compatibilized to promote stability of the otherwise immiscible…


TA Instruments Introduces ACS-2 Air Chiller System

New Castle, Delaware, USA. March 29, 2016 – TA Instruments today announced the introduction of the ACS-2 Air Chiller System. Following on the tremendous popularity of the ACS-3, the ACS-2 is a mechanical refrigeration system that provides subambient temperature control for mechanical and rheological testing. Paired with a DMA850, DMA3200, Discovery Hybrid Rheometer, ARES-G2 Rheometer,…


TA Instruments Announces Dr. Vivek Sharma and Dr. Travis Walker as the Latest Recipients of the “Distinguished Young Rheologist” Award

New Castle, Delaware, USA. March 22, 2016 – TA Instruments is pleased to announce the latest two recipients of the “Distinguished Young Rheologist” award: Dr. Vivek Sharma, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at The University of Illinois at Chicago and Dr. Travis Walker, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Oregon State University. Dr. Sharma is…