Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis is important to a wide variety of industries, including polymers, composites, pharmaceuticals, foods, petroleum, inorganic and organic chemicals, and many others. These instruments typically measure heat flow, weight loss, dimension change, or mechanical properties as a function of temperature. Properties characterized include melting, crystallization, glass transitions, cross-linking, oxidation, decomposition, volatilization, coefficient of thermal expansion, and modulus. These experiments allow the user to examine end-use performance, composition, processing, stability, and molecular structure and mobility.


All TA Instruments thermal analysis instruments are manufactured to exacting standards and with the latest technology and processes for the most accurate, reliable, and reproducible data available. Multiple models are available based on needs; suitable for high sensitivity R&D as well as high throughput quality assurance. Available automation allows for maximum unattended laboratory productivity in all test environments. As the world leader in Thermal Analysis for over 50 years, TA Instruments brings technical expertise in thermal analysis measurements and provides a world-renowned global support network that is specialized in thermal analysis.


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