lifetimeLifetime Support Plan

 Our experience with over 10,000 installations has shown that when systems receive routine calibration, users are well trained, and problems and concerns are addressed promptly, the result is improved instrument performance, increased uptime, and reduced cost of ownership.

The Lifetime Support Plan (LSP) has been designed to make this comprehensive support available for a modest, easily budgeted annual subscription fee that is predicated on the benefits of uninterrupted coverage initiated at installation, and continued for the life of the instrument.

This support product is available for new instruments at the time of purchase, or for existing instruments prior to the end of the original warranty period. Once initiated, the LSP is renewable annually (maximum of 2 years at a time) to provide uninterrupted coverage for the life of the instrument. If you are interested in a support plan and you already own an existing TA instrument or your warranty has already expired, please consider our Premium Support Plan.

Lifetime Support Plan subscribers receive:

  • An annual Performance Maintenance Visit (PMV). Following a checklist, a factory trained Service Engineer will upgrade WinTest software as appropriate and provide a basic inspection as well as a full calibration on all present sensors (purchased through TA Instruments). In addition to the benefits of inspection and calibration, the PMV provides a great opportunity to review proper test method and system operation with your service engineer, often resulting in improved methods and results. Up to 2 hours of basic operational training is included in your PMV visit. Application and theory training is not included in the PMV
  • Should onsite repairs be needed, LSP subscribers receive priority response. Coverage includes all service parts, labor and travel. No need for repair related quotes and purchase orders which can delay the repair of your instrument.
  • Coverage extends to basic accessories such as grips and platens but does not cover chambers or furnaces (an additional accessory warranty may be purchased if you want these items to be covered).
  • Priority phone and email support.
  • FREE tuition to regularly scheduled WinTest training webinars.
  • 10% discount on basic accessories or sensors. Load cells are not covered under the LSP or any warranty, but are eligible for the 10% discount.

Comprehensive benefits combined with a modest annual subscription fee make the Lifetime Support Plan an outstanding value!

  • Fully calibrated sensors with certificates
  • Optimized instrument performance
  • Well trained users
  • Protection from unexpected repair costs
  • Easily budgeted operating expenses
  • Reduced cost of ownership

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