Robust and reliable, TA Instruments’ systems are used daily in over 5,000 academic institutions. We have a long history of cooperative effort with academia, facilitating placement of state-of-the-art instruments through our Academic Matching Grant and our Distinguished Young Rheolologists award program.  TA values our academic customers who develop new materials, novel applications, publications, and most importantly, talented graduates that will fill future roles in industry.

This new support offering provides us with a way to extend our partnership with academic users to maintain our mutual investment in instruments and expertise. Once initiated, the ASP is renewable annually to provide uninterrupted coverage for the life of the instrument.

Academic Support Plan subscribers receive:

  • Complete repair coverage designed to efficiently utilize academic resources and capabilities. Service guidance/consultation will be provided via phone and email. If remote diagnosis/repair is not successful, a factory trained service engineer will be dispatched to make necessary repairs. Coverage includes remote diagnosis, service parts, and onsite labor & travel (should it be needed).
  • In addition to traditional service parts, coverage INCLUDES furnaces, DSC cells, and other temperature systems.
  • Coverage extends to include a standard accessory purchased from TA Instruments (Air Chiller System (ACS), DHR Environmental Test Chamber (DETC), Gas Cooling Accessory (GCA), LN2 Controller, Mechanical Cooling Accessory (MCA), Standard Furnace, Refrigerated Cooling System (RCS), LN2 Controller).
  • Free TRIOS software upgrades
  • 10% discount on supplies (for covered instruments).

Comprehensive benefits combined with highly subsidized subscription prices make the Academic Support Plan an outstanding value! 

Some of these include:

  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Easily budgeted operating expenses
  • Protection from unexpected repair costs
  • Maximized uptime
  • Well trained users

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