TA Instruments Seminars

Problem Solving Through Thermal Analysis, Rheology, and Mechanical Testing

September 2019 – USA. In material science today, scientists and engineers are faced with the pressure of an ever-increasing pace of innovation to meet the demands of new applications and stay ahead of the competition.  In addition, your customers expect immediate access to information and rapid resolutions to problems.  Thermal Analysis, Rheology, and Mechanical Testing techniques represent a powerful range of analytical tools that can help you achieve your goals.

Characterisation of Pharmaceutical Materials

October 16 & 17 – Belgium. On October 16th TA Instruments is organising a seminar on Characterisation of Pharmaceutical Materials, in collaboration with Prof. dr. Guy Van den Mooter (University of Leuven).This is followed on October 17th by instrument demonstrations in the TA Instruments application lab, where delegates will be able to see our most advanced technology in action on pharmaceutical samples.

UK Materials Characterisation Seminar

29th October – United Kingdom. This seminar is specifically intended for all scientists, chemists and lab managers who use TA Instruments or other systems and want to better understand the measurement technologies and industry-specific applications. The meeting features practical as well as more theoretical talks delivered by expert users from industry, academia and TA Instruments scientists.

Orlando, FL: TGA Theory & Applications Course ($50)

This ​lecture-based ​course ​covers ​all ​our ​TGA ​instruments, ​but ​is ​mainly ​designed ​around ​the ​Discovery ​TGA ​55, ​550, ​& ​5500 ​instruments. ​The ​course ​will ​cover: Theory ​of ​operation Instrumentation Experimental ​parameters Software ​operation Calibration Maintenance ​& ​Troubleshooting Applications

Polymer Characterization Short Course

November 13 & 14 – New Castle, DE, USA. This ​is ​a ​two-day ​short ​course ​on ​the ​thermal ​analysis, ​size ​exclusion ​chromatography ​and ​rheology ​of ​polymers. ​ ​Special ​attention ​will ​be ​given ​to ​differential ​scanning ​calorimetry ​(DSC), ​thermogravimetric ​analysis ​(TGA), ​thermomechanical ​analysis ​(TMA), ​dynamic ​mechanical ​analysis ​(DMA) ​and ​gel ​permeation ​chromatography ​(GPC)…