Temperature Range -160°C to 700°C 20°C to 1350°C 20°C to 1500°C 100°C to 1650°C 20°C to 2000°C
300°C to 2300°C
Heating Element NiCr with sheath with LN2cooling CrAIFe SiC Nobel Metal Graphite
Furnace Atmposphere Air Air Air Air Inert gas, vacuum
Thermocouple Type K S S B B or C
Spectral or two-color pyrometer
Max. Heating Rate (K min-1) 50 50 50 25 150
Max. Cooling Rate (K min-1) 25 10 15 5 100
Temp. Profile Over 50 mm ± 2°C ± 3°C ± 5°C ± 5°C ± 5°C over 20mm water
Furnace Cooling Air Air Water Air Water