Lithium-ion Battery Quality and Performance Testing with Isothermal Microcalorimetry

Over the past decade, battery research, development, and quality control have adopted in-situ and in-operando isothermal microcalorimetry (IMC) as the leading method to evaluate heat flow during lithium-ion battery cycling. While cycling a cell to failure can take many months, emerging diagnostic tests are able to predict long-term behavior in a matter of weeks.

Upper Peltier Plate

Upper Peltier Plate Fast-responding temperature control and unmatched accuracy when testing away from ambient. Description Features Technology Applications Video Upper Peltier Plate For Peltier Plate (UPP) The UPP is a fast-responding temperature control system vital when testing at temperatures away from ambient. Measurement errors upwards of 40% can occur when limiting temperature control to one…

Rheo-Impedance Spectroscopy

Rheo-Impedance Spectroscopy offers powerful insights into microstructure of complex fluids such as battery electrode slurries, emulsions, paints, coatings, and more. Coupling dielectric impedance spectroscopy with the DHR’s rheology measurements empowers users to characterize shear-induced changes in sample microstructures under process-relevant conditions such as mixing, storage, and coating.

Orthogonal Superposition

Orthogonal Superposition Characterize viscoelasticity of materials under flow Description Features Technology Applications Video Orthogonal Superposition (OSP) provides direct measurements of viscoelasticity under simultaneous shear, for complete characterization of materials throughout all stages of use. This new dimension in rheological testing bridges the gap between oscillation and flow, measuring a material’s viscoelastic behavior under the same…