Sample Cutter

Sample preparation for RPA, MDR, and Mooney instruments is made safe and simple with the VS volumetric sample cutter. This dual-action pneumatic system allows for the preparation of uncured rubber specimens of a user-defined volume. Preparing samples in this well-controlled fashion reduces operational variability, greatly improving overall experimental precision.

The VS comes standard with a closing pressure of 6 bar. The sample is first compressed to the user-prescribed thickness, then cut to the die diameter. The closing pressure, and sample volume are user adjustable. Two handed operation and lateral guards guarantee safe operation at all times.

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) The DMA Mode adds a new dimension for testing of solid and soft-solid materials. Description Technology Specifications & Features Applications Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) Backed by over four decades of TA Instruments’ expertise in rotational rheology and linear DMA measurements, the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer’s DMA Mode adds a new dimension for…