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    Trios Software

    TRIOS is TA Instruments’ state-of-the-art software package that uses cutting-edge technology for instrument control, data collection, and data analysis for thermal analysis and rheology instruments. The simple user interface allows you to easily program experiments and move efficiently between processing experiments and viewing and analyzing data. TRIOS software delivers a whole new laboratory experience.

    Additional Features in TRIOS 5.2 and Newer


    • Include your analysis results when exporting your data for straight-forward incorporation of all aspects of a results file into your LIMs or data management system.
    • Added stability and performance enhancements to improve your TRIOS experience.


    • Need a method for simple and accurate analysis of your results? DSC and TGA Intelligent Analysis provides specialist-level analysis with a single click. Specify your analysis criteria once and then distribute that analytical power across your lab environments.


    • Take the processing power of your WinTest data to a new level. With integration of Wintest raw data and TRIOS, you can live-monitor, analyze, and compare your data with ease. The addition of point display to ElectroForce DMA data allows you to view a waveform depiction of your point-by-point data for clear insight into the quality of your measurements.