Rubotherm is now TA Instruments

In August of 2016, TA Instruments, the world leader in thermal analysis and rheometry, acquired Rubotherm GmbH.  Rubotherm manufactures a line of high-pressure TGA’s and Sorption Analyzers that feature patented magnetic suspension balance technologies.  Rubotherm instruments and balance technologies perfectly complement TA’s line of TGA and SA instrumentation enabling gravimetric characterization of materials under extreme and process relevant conditions (high pressures, corrosive gases, etc.).

NEW! Discovery Series HP TGA

The Discovery HP TGA instruments feature a new patented top-loading magnetic levitation balance with unprecedented performance. They are the first HP TGA available in a convenient benchtop design and feature on-board gas dosing and blending systems, temperature control to 1100°C, One-Touch-Away™ functionality, and TA’s powerful TRIOS software. Getting great high pressure data has never been so easy!

Rubothem Series TGA and SA

TA’s Rubotherm Series DynTHERM TGA and IsoSORP SA instruments represent the industry standard for application relevant thermogravimetric analysis.  At the heat of these instruments is robust and reliable magnetic suspension balance technology backed by over 25 years of experience and field proven by hundreds of customers.  They offer the widest available temperature and pressure range and the convenient modular design can be configured to match specific requirements of your application.

TA Rubotherm Instruments