In many cases, cardiovascular medical devices are required to undergo durability tests that replicate at least 10 years of physiologic use – equivalent to 400 cycles or more of testing!  TA Instruments offers a complete portfolio of ElectroForce cardiovascular device test instruments designed to test more samples faster to reduce testing time and decrease time to market.  In addition, these test instruments can be used in product development activities to support the innovation of new devices.

ElectroForce Stent/Graft Test (SGT) Instruments perform pulsatile fatigue testing on an array of stented devices, ranging from 2.5 mm to 50 mm in diameter.  Drug-eluting or bio-absorbable stents require isolated flow loops to ensure appropriate characterization of particulate shedding.

The ElectroForce Drug Eluting Stent test instrument integrates proprietary technologies to provide isolated pulsatile flow loops and accommodates real-time particle counting.  The DuraPulse test instrument introduces a new level of waveform fidelity and control to accelerated heart valve durability testing.  For more traditional tension-tension, compression-compression, or bend testing on more compliant cardiovascular structures or devices, the ElectroForce Multi-specimen Fatigue test instruments can be used to test up to 12 samples simultaneously in a temperature controlled saline bath.  Some stented devices, such as peripheral stents, undergo physiologic strains and stresses beyond radial distention.  By integrating pulsatile loading with bending, tension and rotation, the Peripheral Stent test instrument simultaneously simulates the necessary strains to replicate in vivo conditions.

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