Mechanics and Strength for Biomaterials

Medical Devices Webinar Series | 2 of 6

How are tissues studied for characterization and medical device development?

This presentation will introduce a range of biomaterials test applications where mechanical test instruments are assisting researchers and engineers in gaining a better understanding of native and artificial tissues.

Tissue characterization often leverages test techniques designed to measure quasi-static and dynamic properties of human or animal model tissues. These measurements can be used to evaluate drug-, hormone- or age-related changes in tissues such as bone, cartilage, tendon, ligament, vessels, eyes and heart valves. These properties can also be used as baseline or reference data for medical device development.


Watch the webinar to learn:

  • The difference between tissues and biomaterials
  • How tissues and biomaterials are evaluated
  • Results from real mechanical characterization tests


Troy Nickel

Senior Product Manager at TA Instruments, ElectroForce

Troy Nickel has been a technical leader for the ElectroForce product group for over 20 years. He has served in various roles including design engineering, engineering manager, operations manager, business development, sales/service manager and product management. Troy has Mechanical Engineering degrees from Minnesota State University Mankato and University of Minnesota where his research included developing mechanical testing methods for evaluating biomechanical loading in the knee, spine and implantable devices. Troy is presently the Senior Product Manager for the ElectroForce Products within TA Instruments. Troy has been involved in numerous of design projects and application consulting, all aimed at assisting researchers to design and execute appropriate test methods for their material or product applications. Through these experiences, Troy has accumulated knowledge of many testing methods including fatigue, dynamic mechanical, biomaterials characterization and tissue stimulation. As you will see in this webinar, Troy is happy to share some of his experiences to help others design better tests.

Ben MacCreath

Senior Manager, Materials Science Marketing, Waters Corporation

Ben has worked for analytical instrument vendors since completing a PhD in polymer synthesis. His role has always been focused around understanding and working with industry and academia to develop better solutions for their requirements. His current role is focused on being better solution providers for the Chemical and Material sciences through both the Waters and TA portfolios.