Battery Testing Selection Guide

A Selection Guide for Analytical Solutions

The race for the next generation of battery technology is well underway. Battery developers are tasked with optimizing batteries for existing applications – like higher energy density and improved safety for electric vehicles – or innovating new formulations to overcome challenges such as lithium and cobalt scarcity. Successful batteries will outperform the competition by small margins in specific properties and capabilities. Using the right analytical techniques and technology gives you the upper hand in efficiently advancing battery technology with proven quality and performance.

This eBook covers the top analytical solutions by battery component, so you can find the right technique to enhance your battery development. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to confidently answer:

  • Which analysis technique applies to my battery component or cell?
  • How does material data correlate to specific aspects of battery performance?
  • How can I overcome common challenges in battery development?
  • Which battery improvements will offer maximum ROI for my goals?

From R&D and material selection to manufacturing and quality control, TA Instruments’ solutions support the full breadth of battery innovation. This guide will fill knowledge gaps so you can effectively choose the right techniques and level-up your battery development.

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