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Rubber testing evaluates the processing and final properties of rubber, polymer, and elastomer materials. Across automotive, industrial, consumer, and construction applications, rubber is used in products that need to withstand deformation and maintain their original shape. From durable tires to bouncing kickballs, rubber plays an important role in countless goods that benefit from its unique material properties.

Rubber testing includes using rheometers, curemeters, and viscometers to optimize production and end-use properties. Rubber rheometers measure important characteristics such as minimum and maximum viscosity, scorch time, and conversion time. Curemeters measure curing profiles of rubber compounds under isothermal and non-isothermal test conditions at constant user-defined strain and frequency. Mooney Viscometers standard viscosity, scorch and stress relaxation testing of rubber polymers and compounds under isothermal test conditions.

TA Instruments offers a complete line of instruments to measure the rheological and physical properties of rubber and rubber compounds easily and accurately at all stages of manufacture. Our Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA) rheometer, Moving Die Rheometer (MDR) curemeter, and MV One Mooney Viscometer are specifically designed to offer high precision rubber data that is easy to analyze. Our line of rubber test instruments offers the widest range and combination of tests and testing conditions available. All TA Instruments rubber testing systems are manufactured to exacting mechanical standards and with the latest measurement technology for the most accurate, reliable and reproducible data available.

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