Simplify The Development of Biologic-Based Molecules to Detect, Treat and Even Prevent Disease

TA Instruments | Waters have put together a lab package designed specifically for your biopharmaceuticals lab. Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) systems are powerful analytical techniques that provide hi-resolution detail of biotherapeutic binding and biomolecular stability.

Streamline preclinical development with efficient technologies

Biopharmaceuticals, distinct from small molecule drugs, include a wide variety of therapeutic products derived from living organisms or produced from biotechnology sources (vaccines, gene therapies, and recombinant proteins).

Researchers like you need precise knowledge of key chemical details when it comes to candidate biotherapeutics and biologics-based molecules. The Nano DSC and Affinity ITC from TA Instruments measure changes in structural stability and quantify molecular binding without modification. Samples and drug products are label-free and do not rely on immobilization on the surface of a chip or sensor.

Complete characterization of molecular binding and structure stability

Structure stability, binding affinity, and reaction kinetics are basic chemical characteristics required to understand the functional and therapeutic properties of a drug. Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) provide reproducible measurements with sensitive testing to inform critical decisions.

Forming effective vaccine therapies requires characterizing the thermal stability of the virus coat proteins in solution, which can be most effectively studied with the Nano DSC. Fundamental information about the molecular interactions driving virus/cell binding processes can be obtained using ITC.

For gene therapy, the Nano DSC and ITC are implemented in discovery, formulation, and process control. These techniques help characterize and monitor:

  • Drug product cargo loading
  • Serotype
  • Impurities (dsRNA)
  • Binding specificity
  • Capsid stability
  • Batch-to-batch variability

Characterization of a recombinant protein via thermodynamic measurement with Nano DSC and Affinity ITC offers researchers a native measurement for rapid selection of the most stable formulations and engineered constructs without the need for exogenous chemistries (dyes, tags, or labels), so researchers can understand the molecule in their hands using their buffers.

Unprecedented Efficiency for Confident Decision Making

Biologics testing on the Nano DSC and Affinity ITC requires minimal or zero sample preparation, which saves time, reduces sample preparation errors, and eliminates optimization of background chemistry (i.e. fluorescence tuning, signal saturation, antibody specificity, etc.). When automated, the Nano DSC and Affinity ITC are efficiency-increasing tools that aid in next-level quality design and offer peace of mind throughout development and into clinical phases.

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