TA thermal analysis systems consistently produce the flattest baselines, the sharpest peaks, and the highest sensitivity. At the heart of every TA Instruments system are cells and furnaces that improve every aspect of thermal analysis performance. Now, from the World Leader in Thermal Analysis, the only 5-year warranty on cells and furnaces. For over 50 years TA has consistently improved thermal analysis technology, manufacturing, and quality. Standing behind our cells and furnaces for 5 years is no big deal.

All TA Instruments systems have a full 1 year warranty including all parts and labor.

The following items have a 5-year replacement warranty:

  • Discovery Series DSC cells
  • Discovery Series TGA, SDT and DMA furnaces
  • Discovery Series TMA furnaces


The 5-year warranty covers replacement parts only. The 5-year warranty covers cells and furnaces that fail during normal use. Customer misuse, corrosion, or extended work at high temperature is not covered. OEM parts are not included. DSC Pressure Cells are not included. Contact TA Instruments for more details. Effective June 1st 2015.

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