ElectroForce Advanced Training

A variety of advanced training services to enhance your testing skills

Beyond complimentary introductory WinTest® software training classes, TA Electroforce offers training options for customers desiring additional training support. These curriculums can be provided as either online training webcasts or onsite training sessions at your facility using your test equipment. Advanced training courses are offered for both ElectroForce®Series 7 software and earlier versions.

One-on-one training

This curriculum is based fully on an individual user’s needs, and can be tailored to specific WinTest functionality or testing protocols. Basic, advanced or application development training options are available. Customers are also encouraged to send in their samples to TA Electroforce so we can incorporate them into the training session. This training is offered via Webex and teleconference.

On-site training

A qualified training engineer will travel to your site and provide a tailored training class, or the session can be customized to answering specific software, hardware, or test applications questions. Training will be based on your organization’s needs and can be performed on a particular ElectroForce test system at your facility.

Advanced WinTest and DMA software training

This course offers more in-depth waveform and tuning techniques beyond the introductory WinTest training. This training session covers multiple application examples and allows for advanced training based on specific customer needs. This training session also features WinTest DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) software which can be used to run an automated test that collects and analyzes the data. This training is offered online via Webex and teleconference.

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