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Analytical Solutions for Polymer, Additive, & Product Characterization

Polymer characterization helps research scientists, process engineers and QA/QC analysts gain insights into their material and answer important questions as they innovate to make plastics more sustainable at every step of the value chain.

Whether you are incorporating recycled resins in existing processes or designing new polymers with end-of-life recycling in mind, answer key questions and unlock insights into your material properties with a comprehensive suite of analysis tools.

Measure fundamental polymer properties, such as melting point, crystallinity, and viscoelasticity, with ease through thermal analysis, rheology, and mechanical testing to develop new and innovative products, improve process conditions, predict product lifetime, and understand the root causes of product failure.

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  • Which test techniques apply at each step of the polymer value chain
  • How different techniques are used optimize process conditions and evaluate product performance
  • Answers to process-relevant questions through real-world application examples
  • Case studies with data from quality control, troubleshooting, and failure analysis applications

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