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TA Instruments | Waters offers the most versatile and productive Gravimetric Gas and Vapor Sorption Analyzers

In Gravimetric Sorption Analysis, the weight change of a solid or liquid sample due to ab- or adsorption is measured at controlled temperature and pressure or humidity in the presence of a gas, gas mixture or vapor atmosphere. Stepwise or continuous change of the pressure, humidity, or composition of the gas atmosphere alter the ab- or adsorption of the gas or vapor in the sample material. This is detected with high resolution and accuracy by the microbalance which continuously weighs the sample material. The measured sample mass change in relation to the pressure, humidity, or composition describes the sorption capacity of the material. The continuous recording of the weight after a change of environmental conditions characterizes the sorption kinetics.

The Discovery SA is a Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) analyzer with industry-leading weighing accuracy and the widest humidity control range. The high level of automation provided by the unique autosampler and water refill pump ensure maximum productivity and reliability. This efficiency reduces labor and costs for water vapor sorption measurement to an absolute minimum. Discovery SA is the ideal instrument to characterize the effect of moisture ab- or absorption on a material. It is an indispensable analytical instrument for the development of pharmaceuticals, quality control during manufacturing, and the assessment of shelf life. The Discovery SA is also perfectly suited for evaluating the stability of polymers in humid environments. The widest moisture and temperature control range of any sorption analyzer on the market allows accelerated aging tests to be performed on polymers for electronics applications and to evaluate polymers used as packaging material for moisture-sensitive products.

IsoSORP SA is a modular product line with flexible configurations for high-pressure sorption analysis. IsoSORP SA instruments feature TA’s patented Magnetic Suspension Balance allowing for accurate and safe sample weighing at all pressures. A wide range of technical gases including carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and nitrous oxides can be used as reactant atmospheres. Additionally, configurations for measurements with pure vapors and steam at elevated pressures are available. IsoSORP SA are the ideal tool for material scientists synthesizing functional porous materials for gas separation and storage processes and the users of these materials in chemical engineering and petrochemistry applications. The highest-pressure range allows for the evaluation of shale gas and oil reservoir materials at geological conditions on the lab scale. For these purposes, they offer an outstanding range of operating conditions from -196 to 400°C and high vacuum to 700 bar.

Sorption Analyzers

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