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Key Analytical Techniques for Pharmaceutical Discovery and Formulation

Pharmaceutical breakthroughs and successful development are facilitated by accurate material data. Material analysis helps pharmaceutical researchers ensure product stability, compatibility, and end use application. As a result, this information helps eliminate undesirable formulations early and accelerate time to market. 

Without accurate material analysis, many pharmaceutical researchers struggle to:

  • Optimize and shorten the lyophilization/freeze drying process
  • Identify polymorphs which can alter API properties
  • Determine crystalline versus amorphous structure – key for product stability, compatibility, processing, and storage
  • Prevent undesirable chemical reactions during manufacturing, transportation, and storage
  • Predict the effect of hygroscopicity on storage stability and end use application

See how today’s leading material analysis techniques solve these common pharmaceutical challenges. Download the eBook to learn from real research and see how this data will benefit your pharmaceutical developments.

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