Essential Battery Slurry Characterization Techniques

A guide to optimize and control your slurry formulations and coatings

Electrode slurries play a critical role in the performance of lithium-ion batteries. These slurries are composed of active materials, binders, conductive additives, and solvents. Their composition and structure significantly influence the performance and durability of the resulting electrodes. Therefore, understanding how to properly mix and coat electrode slurries is essential for optimizing the performance of the battery system.

This eBook showcases analytical techniques such as rheology and thermal analysis, which are commonly used to characterize the physical properties of electrode slurries. This eBook will empower you to answer critical questions about your battery slurry:

  • How are the slurry properties quantified?
  • Will the slurry formulation coat properly?
  • How does the slurry structure change during coating?
  • Will any changes in the raw materials affect electrode homogeneity?
  • What is the shelf life of the slurry?
  • How can quality control be assessed?

The studies in this eBook will enable researchers to optimize their formulation and processing conditions for enhanced battery performance.

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