Battery Testing Selection Guide

A Selection Guide for Analytical Solutions

Unlocking the Full Potential of Batteries

Cutting-Edge Analytical Solutions for the Next Generation of Battery Development

The race for the next generation of battery technology is well underway. In just a few decades, rechargeable batteries have grown well beyond their roots in consumer electronics and now support sustainable transportation and renewable energy storage. Tremendous advancements in battery efficiency, power, output, and safety have primed batteries, especially lithiumion batteries, for these demanding applications.

Now, battery developers are tasked with optimizing their designs for both current and new applications. In addition to building safer, low-cost electric vehicles, batteries must reach even higher energy density for use in freight trucks and buses. Similarly, batteries with higher capacity and lower costs will be the formulations of choice for grid energy storage. And above all else, battery developers must meet demand for sustainable, affordable material sourcing in the face of lithium and cobalt scarcity.

The frontier for battery innovation is vast but the challenges are steep. Success will be determined by small margins in energy, power output, cycle life, safety, and cost – all of which require superior optimization of battery materials and electrochemical reactions. Leading labs rely on TA Instruments for analytical characterization and testing of their batteries.

Using the right techniques and instruments gives you the upper hand in efficiently advancing battery technology with proven quality and performance. From R&D and material selection to manufacturing and quality control, TA Instruments’ solutions support the full breadth of battery innovation. This guide explains our comprehensive battery offerings by battery component, so you can find the right technique to enhance your battery development.


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