Gain a Competitive Edge in the Race to Product Development and Regulatory Approvals

TA Instruments | Waters have put together a lab package designed specifically for your medical device lab. Optimize and validate your medical device product performance through this durability testing package.

Powerful, efficient, and repeatable medical device testing

Proven reliability and speed for your demanding durability test programs

ElectroForce instruments continue to deliver the fastest results and demonstrate superior reliability with powerful frictionless motors, non-contact sensors and control systems that are built for your most demanding fatigue tests, often running without interruption or down-time for months.

Accelerate fatigue to fracture or test to success tests

Rapidly push many specimens to fatigue failure to establish reliable fatigue limits (often per ASTM F3211) using the MSF16 Multi-Specimen Fatigue instrument. These tests can enable rapid device optimization or faster regulatory approval by directly pulling or pushing your material or devices to failure at frequencies up to 100Hz. Or, use its high sample count and speed capability to complete your 400 or 600 million cycle test to success programs as fast as possible, accelerating your time to market.

Final device testing is done better and quicker with DuraPulse.

ElectroForce DuraPulse instruments enable you to fatigue test your final cardiovascular devices with more consistent loading and higher frequencies giving you results you can trust in the shortest time possible. Whether it’s the modular DuraPulse SGT for pulsatile durability of virtually any sized device per ASTM F2477 or ISO 25539 or the DuraPulse HVT for durability testing of surgical and transcatheter heart valves per ISO 5840, DuraPulse will get it done with speed and consistency.

The capable combination of ElectroForce MSF and DuraPulse instruments will provide the power, speed and repeatability you need to deliver your fatigue results quickly and therefore accelerate your product development and regulatory approvals.

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