Insights to Improve Cosmetic Formulation, Processing, and Quality Control

TA Instruments | Waters have put together a lab package designed specifically for your cosmetics and personal care lab. Combining these instruments allows your lab to expedite candidate selection, streamline product development and deliver insight into the viscoelastic properties of your materials.

Streamline product development from candidate selection to measuring sensory perception

Save time and money by expediting candidate selection

Define the relationship between formulation changes and their effect on product stability, sensory perception, and customer acceptance criteria with conclusive rheology and DSC measurements. Quantifying these properties allows you to build internal metrics, identify key performance criteria for successful products, and filter undesirable products early in the formulation stage before moving to expensive sensory panels.

Measuring the viscosity and viscoelastic properties of your materials will help deliver insight to answer questions such as:

  • Is there enough elasticity so that the product does not separate, and the active ingredients remain suspended?
  • Is my active ingredient sufficiently and uniformly distributed throughout my product?
  • What is the best container or dispensing mechanism for my product?

Predict consumer perception and product behavior in relevant environments

Our wide range of environmental systems and accessories allows you to characterize solution stability and material behavior with simultaneous visual techniques (i.e. microscopy, Rheo-Raman, and SALS) or under extreme conditions, such as humidity and pressure environments.

Cosmetic labs frequently use the HR tribology accessory to measure the coefficient of friction, which correlates with tactile and sensory perception. The powder accessory is uniquely able to measure powder flowability and shear properties all in one accessory, providing a complete picture of powder behavior.

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