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Characterization Considerations when Sourcing PCR

Against the backdrop of a plastic waste crisis, the global demand for plastic is set to quadruple by 2060. This has driven a shift toward sustainability and away from linear use models of plastic production. Post-consumer resin (PCR) has emerged as a key player in circular economy initiatives, though ensuring the quality and performance of PCR requires several characterization considerations.

Academic Advantage

Academic Advantage

Academic Advantage Program(アカデミックアドバンテージプログラム)の目的は、TA Instrumentsの高性能装置を学術機関で広くご利用いただけるようにすることです。新素材、新しいアプリケーションの開発、および出版物を手がける学術分野のお客様、そして最も重要な、業界で将来の役割を担う優秀な大学院生を支援します。