MV one

MV one Mooney黏度儀結合了最新測量技術,可用於測量橡膠工業中的傳統Mooney黏度、Mooney焦燒和應力弛豫。MV one是一種功能齊全的儀器,其經過設定,可以2 rpm的恒定轉速在等溫測試條件下對橡膠複合物進行標準黏度,焦燒和應力弛豫(線性、對數、ISO、Mooney應力弛豫率)測試。可選的連續可變電機模式允許在0.1至10 rpm的速度範圍內進行測試。MV one Mooney黏度儀配備符合所有相關ASTM、ISO和DIN標準的低品質轉子。所有TA Instruments橡膠測試儀器均採用超剛性測試架結構,包括直驅電機、精密溫度控制,以及強大且直觀的Scarabaeus控制和分析軟體。


MDR one動模流變儀(MDR)是一款可靠、精確、易於操作的無轉子硫化儀,非常適合執行橡膠固化的常規以及標準驅動的測試。MDR one經過設定,可用於以恒定應變和頻率在等溫和非等溫測試條件下測量橡膠複合物的固化曲線。MDR one採用符合所有相關ASTM、ISO和DIN標準的密封式雙錐形模具。獨特的設計包括超高剛性測試架、直驅電機、具有選配冷卻裝置的精確溫度控制、可用的自動進樣器,以及直觀的Scarabaeus控制和分析軟體,這使其成為品質控制或研發環境的理想平台。

ARES-G2 流變儀

The ARES-G2 is the most advanced rotational rheometer for research and material development. It remains the only commercially available rheometer with a dedicated actuator for deformation control, Torque Rebalance Transducer (TRT), and Force Rebalance Transducer (FRT) for independent shear stress and normal stress measurements. It is recognized by the rheological community as the industry standard to which all other rheometer measurements are compared for accuracy.


The Nano DSC differential scanning calorimeter is designed to characterize the molecular stability of dilute in-solution biomolecules. The Nano DSC obtains data using less sample than competitive designs. Solid-state thermoelectric elements are used to precisely control temperature and a built-in precision linear actuator maintains constant or controlled variable pressure in the cell. Automated, unattended continuous operation with increased sample throughput is achieved with the optional Nano DSC Autosampler.