Melt Viscosity Measurements at High Temperatures

The webinar will introduce the measuring principle of the VIS 413. The important features and benefits will be showcased by results of high temperature viscosity measurements performed on a variety of different materials. See how high temperature viscometry can provide you with the right material data critical to improve melt processing in classical and additive manufacturing.

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化學、材料科學和生命科學方面的頂尖研究人員依靠TA Instruments系統進行尖端研究。在我們的TA Instruments網路研討會系列中,我們很高興將此工作直接帶給您。從現場的專家那裡瞭解如何使用熱分析、流變學和微量熱法來解決當今最具挑戰性的問題。這些免費的網路研討會通過互動式問答即時呈現,然後進行存檔,以供後續檢視和參考。請參閱以下先前網路研討會清單,並經常檢視,以便瞭解最新資訊。