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Waters’ New Battery Cycler Microcalorimeter Solution Accelerates Real-World Testing from Months to Weeks

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — March 20, 2023 — Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) announced a new Battery Cycler Microcalorimeter Solution from its TA Instruments™ Division for high-resolution characterization of battery cells. The instrument and software combination enables non-destructive testing under real-world operating conditions and significantly reduces experiment time from months to weeks, while providing decisive insights for greater battery efficiency, safety, and stability.

Waters Extends Capabilities of Flagship TA Instruments Rheometer for Efficient and Repeatable Powder Analysis

Milford, Massachusetts – September 29, 2022 – Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) introduced new, innovative powder rheology tooling and software for its TA Instruments™ HR Rheometers allowing scientists to make precise, repeatable powder rheology measurements simpler and faster. Such measurements enable materials scientists to optimize the processing and end-use performance of powders used in batteries, pharmaceuticals, additive manufacturing, food, personal care products, and coatings.

TA Instruments 採用全新 TRIOS AutoPilot 軟體協助實驗室自動化熱分析流程

New Castle, Delaware-2021 年 6 月 29 日-Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) 旗下 TA Instruments 事業部今天推出熱分析儀產品線的 TRIOS AutoPilot 軟體。該軟體可協助實驗室人員使用 TA 熱分析儀建立例行及簡化的標準作業程序 (SOP),提高 25% 的速度,同時可避免轉錄錯誤而阻礙生產力,以及避免在評估材料性能及每批產品品質的時候導致不一致的熱分析測量結果。

TA Instruments Expands ElectroForce Fatigue Testing Capabilities with New 16-Specimen Instrument

New Castle, Delaware, October 1, 2019 – Waters Corporation (NYSE: WAT) today introduced the new TA Instruments™ MSF16 Multi-Specimen Fatigue Instrument. The MSF16 extends the capability of accelerated cyclic testing by loading 16 specimens simultaneously, rapidly delivering insights into the failure limits of materials, components and products under repeated loading.

TA Instruments 全新推出 Discovery 阿混合流變儀專用流變-拉曼配件

美國德拉瓦州紐卡斯爾,2019 年 3 月 19 日 – TA Instruments 今日宣佈全新推出 Discovery 混合流變儀 (DHR) 產品系列專用流變-拉曼配件。該配件將拉曼光譜儀與 DHR 相結合,可同時收集流變學和拉曼光譜學資料。這種組合可用於直接將流動特性與每種材料的獨特光譜指紋(包括其化學和形態結構相關資訊)相關聯。