There are many applications where testing under sterile conditions is needed.  It may be for drug delivery to a tissue that significantly changes tissue properties, in tissue/organ baths, and in tissue engineering, cell biology, and pharmaceutical applications.  Sterilizable chambers mounted on test instruments can also be used to study how live tissues interact with biomaterials, implants and biosensors, and to allow sample characterization prior to implantation.

TA ElectroForce® BioDynamic® chambers are available with both cell culture incubator-compatible and benchtop test instruments.  These chambers can be sterilized by autoclave or ethylene oxide and used with a large variety of fixtures for specimen attachment.  Multiple ports are available throughout the chamber for fluid flow inlets/outlets, fluid sampling and probe insertion.  Fluid volume can also be adjusted by partially filling the chamber or by using fillers that reduce volume while maintaining ease of use.  Opposing transparent doors can be used for sample and fluid viewing/monitoring and for imaging purposes.  Consult TA ElectroForce applications engineers on your custom sterile testing requirements.

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