Materials testing under relevant service conditions offers many advantages and is often required by regulatory agencies depending on the material application.  Baths offer the flexibility of mimicking service conditions by allowing sample immersion, use of different fluids, heating, and fluid flow through the bath as specimens are tested.

TA ElectroForce® baths are designed with biocompatible materials that also allow sample viewing and imaging with cameras and other sensors.  They can be typically heated from room temperature to 45°C and are often used with fluids such as phosphate buffered saline (PBS) or deionized water.  Heater cartridges are used either inside the bath or in its bottom plate, and a temperature sensor located inside the bath serves as the feedback channel to the heater controller for reaching and maintaining a customer-defined temperature that can be recorded in the software.  Baths are available with most TA ElectroForce instruments and can be customized for specific applications.


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