The ElectroForce Advantage

Leading the way through innovative thinking << View all Electroforce Mechanical Testers The ElectroForce® advantage — technology, applications and support We start with your specific testing needs and combine unique ElectroForce motor technologies with our test applications engineering expertise to create a tailored test solution that meets your testing objectives. After you buy a TA Electroforce product,…

Scarabaeus Software

Scarabaeus Software Instrument Control and Data Analysis The Scarabaeus Software for instrument control and data analysis is a powerful and versatile system for programming experiments, providing quick feedback of results, and managing data from all rubber testing instruments. The Scarabaeus Software was developed with customers from the rubber industry and is designed to meet the…

Sample Cutter

Sample preparation for RPA, MDR, and Mooney instruments is made safe and simple with the VS volumetric sample cutter. This dual-action pneumatic system allows for the preparation of uncured rubber specimens of a user-defined volume. Preparing samples in this well-controlled fashion reduces operational variability, greatly improving overall experimental precision.

The VS comes standard with a closing pressure of 6 bar. The sample is first compressed to the user-prescribed thickness, then cut to the die diameter. The closing pressure, and sample volume are user adjustable. Two handed operation and lateral guards guarantee safe operation at all times.

VIS 403

VIS 403 and VIS 403HF The high temperature rotational viscometers, adopted as the standard by all the companies for the measurement of the dynamic viscosity of glasses, slags, and mold powders. Overview Specifications The high temperature viscometers VIS 403 and VIS 403HF measure the dynamic viscosity of materials with Newtonian behavior such as glasses, slags or mold…

Tuber 100

The Tuber 100 instrument conforms to ASTM C335 and ISO 8497. The absolute method combined with a sophisticated end guard heater system makes of Tuber 100 the most advanced and easiest tool to test pipe insulation. Sample length is one meter long with diameters ranging from 12mm to 100mm+. Two standard probes, 15mm and 22mm, are available, different sizes can be provided upon request.

Conductivity range is 0.02W/mK – 0.08W/mK. Temperature range up to 80°C with temperature control of 0.01°C.

FOX 1000

The FOX 1000 is a microprocessor-based thermal conductivity instrument specifically designed to accommodate large samples. For the testing of especially long sample, like for instance the large format vacuum insulation panels, the test chamber has front and back doors which allow to test specimens 1050 mm wide and as long as they are manufactured.

The instrument features proprietary thin film heat flux transducers, automatic digital thickness measurements, and responsive temperature control.

ADT – Automated Density Tester

Density testing is made simple with the TA Instruments fully Automated Density Tester. This fully programmable, automated system measures the density of cured rubber materials using the finite difference (buoyancy) method. Active measurement of the fluid temperature increases accuracy by accounting for small changes in the density of the immersion fluid with temperature.