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SER2The SER2 is a universal testing platform to perform extensional rheology measurements and a range of physical material testing. The SER2 design uses the concept of elongating the sample within a confined space by expelling the sample with rotary clamps. The rotary clamps are two cylinders winding up the sample. The ends of the test specimen are secured to the surfaces of the two windup drums, such that for a constant drum rotation speed, a constant Hencky strain rate is achieved. As the specimen is stretched across the drum surfaces, it offers a resistant force, Fs on the windup drums that translates into a torque M(t) about the primary axis of rotation. For a given extensional rate, the measured torque signal is directly related to the extensional viscosity of the specimen being stretched. In addition to extensional measurements on polymer melts, the SER2 is capable of performing a range of physical property measurements such as tensile, peel, tear and friction measurements on small hard and soft solid samples.